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Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer Haul!

So once again unfortunately I've been rather absent from my blog due to the little annoyance of my AS level exams, how irritating! But finally I have found my self with the time to actually sit down and write, something I've been wanting to do for weeks now!

So as Spring is here, and Summer is (hopefully) on its way I've been doing some shopping over the last few weeks or maybe even months, to pick pieces either for my holiday or just for summer in general.

So first up, yesterday I went to Primark and picked up a stripy, boyfriend style t-shirt for the absolutely ridiculous price of £3.50! Unfortunately, Primark was extremely busy so I abandoned shopping there except for some DC comic socks which I thought were rather cool for £2.50, and some gold midi rings, for £1.50.

After this, I decided I would be rather brave and pick up something in a colour that I would never usually wear, not because I don't like it, but usually I tend to be safe and stick to muted tones such as navy blue or burgundy, so I decided for summer, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. After this decision, I went in to Warehouse and found this green button up cami, with thin straps in a pattern. I thought this would be perfect for my holiday this year due to its light weight flowy material, and also I thought the pattern of the straps may create quite a interesting tan line! I picked this up for what I believe was £20.

Along with this on a trip to boots, I came across the 3 for 2 offer, and as usual, I couldn't resist. So I picked up an uninteresting gel liner, from Maybelline, but for the summer I found 2 nail polishes, the first a classic coral shade from Barry M, in the number 296 Coral, and also in Rimmel's new Rita Ora collection a bright orange shade, in the number 403, strangely named Orgasm. I loved these two colours and thought they'd look great if I eventually get a tan.

Additionally, on a previous shopping trip to Primark, I found some flippy shorts, in black, white and blue  for my holiday, I really like the pattern on these and I picked them up for around £4 or £5 I believe.

On a previous shopping trip to London, in the Oxford Street Urban Outfitters, I found this BDG cropped stripy top, with rolled up three quarter length sleeves, and a pocket detail. For around £25. When buying this I thought it would be really useful for when the weather isn't quite warm enough to go with short sleeves (as it often is in England!), but I still want quite a thin, short top.

So that is all that I have bought recently! Plus i must apologise for the mess of my room in the backgrounds of some these photos I'm terrible! Anyways, thanks for reading, I'm glad to be back, and as always please feel free to comment anything you like! 

Samantha Natalie x