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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello Again!

 Hello everyone!

For what seems like a lifetime I haven't posted on this blog, and I can only apologise as I have been super super busy with things such as school and exams (such fun not!). But now I am back once again, and I am determined to post more regularly, and change the subject of my blog ever so slightly.

Previously on this blog, my posts were a mismatch of subjects, hauls, tutorials, random lifestyle posts, and generally me rambling. But now I am going to try and structure my blog for fashion and beauty tutorials and reviews. Well if I can stick to that haha!

Anyway with that said, I want to thank any followers to sticking with me whilst I've been way to busy for my own good, and I promise a new blog post really really soon!

Lots of Love,

Samantha Natalie x