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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Zombie Make Up Tutorial!!

Hi again!

So it's nearly Halloween and I've got a couple of fancy dress parties to go to so I decided that I would like to go as a zombie! I searched through tons of tutorials on youtube and finally got a mix of different ones which i thought created a pretty cool look. So here it is :

If anyone's interested, here is how I got my look! : 

  1. Firstly I got a red/purple lipstick (it doesn't really matter what colour it is exactly, as long as it smudges to give a red or purple tone) and drew in circles around my eyes (I know it sounds really weird!) 
  2. Next, smudge the lipstick around the eyes to give them that sunken in look. If you want to deepen that  look even more, I used a dark brown eye shadow and blended it using an large eye shadow brush around the outer corners of my eyes. 
  3. After this, repeat step 1 and 2 but instead follow the crease of the eye socket to accentuate any bags under the eyes. 
  4. Next find the line of your cheekbones, and also fill this with the lipstick and smudge again. (This will both contour you face to make it look thinner, and also give the dead and sunken in look that we want!) You can also repeat this step around the edges of the nose and cupids bow to make you look even thinner and deader (I'm not sure if that's a word but oh well!)
  5. Now your face should be ready for the fun part, the fake blood! But before that use either a black eye shadow or a dark pencil eyeliner to draw a line where you would like any stitches to be, and then smudge to give a gradiented and realistic look. 
  6. Next, you can draw the stitches as large or small as you want, and anywhere on your face (As you can see I did mine on my forehead) Make sure to slightly smudge this to give a convincing look. 
  7. Now for the fake blood yay! Either squirt some fake blood on to a brush or simply using your hands dot or smudge the blood over the stitches, you can use as much or as little as you like, just be creative! For an even more realistic look smudge black or dark eyeshadow into the wound to make it look deeper (ew!)(I repeated this part on my mouth/chin but left out the stitches.)
  8. Finally, if you want a bruised look like I did on my right eye, simply use a mixture of fake blood, and red and brown eye shadows and dab around the eyes, I think this part looks really effective and creepy! All that's left to do now is backcomb and mess up your hair, and that's it!
I hope you found this tutorial useful and easy to follow, and please feel free to comment below with any of your own Halloween makeup ideas or tips!

Happy Halloween!